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FrontPage Themes

FrontPage Themes consist of unified design elements and color schemes for bullets, fonts, images, navigation bars, and other website components. A FrontPage theme gives the pages and navigational bars in your web an attractive and consistent appearance.

FrontPage Themes from FrontLook

One of the best places to start looking for FrontPage themes is DPA Software, aka FrontLook. They have several award-winning package deals on themes, as well as the Super Themes Browser -- a powerful FrontPage add-in that lets you apply themes to an existing site.

FrontPage Themes - Low-cost webpage designs!FrontPage Themes from FrontLook

FrontLook has some new Super Themes packages that are worth checking out. You can get several quality designs for a single low price.

In addition to their Super Themes Packages, FrontLook has many 'design effects' products available. These allow you to create cool effects, such as splash pages, mouse cursor effects, scrollers, slideshows, and all manner of cool image effects for FrontPage. So if you're looking to make your web site more interesting, the design effects products are worth looking into.

General Price Range: Each Super Themes package starts at only $39.95 and comes with 4 designs in different color schemes

FrontPage 2000 / 2002 Compatible; some variations are compatible with version 2002 only

Additional Products: Developer Tools, Customization Programs, Easy-to-use Program Effects Applets

FrontPage Themes from PixelMill

PixelMill.netPixelMill.net has one of the largest selections on the Internet, and they also have templates and add-on products. They feature hundreds of website designs from a large variety of independent developers and graphic artists.

FrontPage Themes from PixelMill

Some of PixelMill's developers have put a lot of time and care into the products they designed, and you should be very pleased with the selection you find there. They are vastly superior to the ones you will find when searching for free ones, that's for sure. Also, PixelMill does have a few simple designs that you can download for free.

General Price Range: From $8 and up (some free)

Number Available: Over 850

FrontPage 98 / 2000 / 2002 Compatible; some are compatible with newer versions only

Additional Products: Flash Intros, PowerPoint Slides, Add-On Image Packages, Template Packages

Also, some of the new ones that are included with FrontPage version 2002 aren't very bad, though they still don't top a good template. Of the 60 or so free themes that are included with the latest version, just about anyone is bound to find a few that they really like out of Microsoft's selection. You can purchase FrontPage 2002 or upgrade to that version from this site.

Additional FrontPage Themes Resource Sites:

  • FreeFPThemes.com -- The number one source for free FrontPage themes and templates on the web.
  • KEP Internet -- A nice collection of FrontPage themes; some commercial, some free.